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Year End Wrap Up

Another year is coming to a close. While many of us hoped that 2021 would be a better year than 2020, things did not quite go that way. Though things did improve and there was some light, it was still a very difficult year highlighted by the continuing pandemic, a division in opinions, and many struggles.

Although most of us experienced difficulties throughout 2021, it doesn’t mean it was all bad. Here at Protea, we experienced a lot that was positive. We were able to grow and continue to work towards our goal of providing better accounting for everyone. We were also able to celebrate with our team in personal achievements. Many of our team members completed their educational goals or added professional qualifications to their resume.

As we close out 2021 and plan for 2022, I would like to take a moment to reflect on some of our highlights of this past year.

Launch of Protea Academy

Protea Academy has been a dream of mine for a few years now. This platform provides an area for people to learn more about accounting. The goal was not to be able to create any experts but provide content to help non-accountants or people starting a career in accounting to learn and understand accounting a little bit better.

On May 6, 2021, this goal was realized with the help of Michelle Bosman (Protea’s Training and Team Development Supervisor). We launched Protea Academy as a YouTube channel. Our first video, an Introduction to Bookkeeping, was the epitome of what we were trying to achieve.

Introduction to bookkeeping – YouTube

We released 29 educational videos in 2021 and will continue to create more videos on a variety of accounting topics in 2022.


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The Inspiration of Protea Conversations

Protea Conversations was born out of the idea of asking our team what they would like to hear about. The overwhelming response was that they wanted to hear from leaders and entrepreneurs on how they achieved their success and got where they are today.

With this in mind, I reached out to business owners and other successful experts and asked them if they would contribute to this series of discussions.

It has been an overwhelming success! I have learnt so much from the leaders we interviewed in 2021, and I am humbled by the detail and honesty each one of them showed in their responses.

As a thank you to our interviewees and Protea’s commitment to more diverse and inclusive leadership, Protea will make a donation to Vital Voices ( Vital Voices Global Partnership is a global movement that invests in women leaders who are solving the world’s greatest challenges. They are “venture catalysts,” identifying those with a daring vision for change and partnering with them to make that vision a reality. They scale and accelerate impact through long term investments to expand skills, connections, capacity, and visibility. 

We plan to continue with the program in 2022 and hope to continue to inspire.

The Growth of the Protea family

We have added some amazing team members to the Protea family through 2021. As our client base grew and our current clients asked us for more help, we have been able to add to the team and bring in fresh ideas and perspectives.

We continue to be blessed with a wonderful group of professionals that is improving daily. This allows us to provide accounting expertise to every client without high overhead.

The extended Protea family also grew throughout the year with the addition of new family members, both human and furry. It is wonderful to not only see our team members grow at work but also grow individually. I am so privileged to watch them grow both professionally and personally and to be a small part of their personal journeys.

As we head into 2022, it is wonderful to reflect on all the good we have experienced this year. I am excited to see what the new year brings. Whatever happens in the world, our focus internally will be on continuing to provide high quality accounting to our customers so they can make the best possible decisions for their businesses.

Happy holidays, and thank you to everyone that made 2021 a success!


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What were some significant achievements for Protea in 2021?

In 2021, Protea had several noteworthy accomplishments. Despite the challenges of the ongoing pandemic and societal divisions, we saw growth and progress. From the launch of Protea Academy, aimed at enhancing accounting knowledge through educational videos, to the initiation of Protea Conversations, where we engaged with leaders and entrepreneurs to share their insights, it was a year of milestones and learning experiences. Additionally, the expansion of our team and the welcoming of new members further strengthened our capabilities to deliver exceptional accounting services.

2. Can you tell me more about Protea Academy and its significance?

Certainly! Protea Academy is a platform dedicated to providing valuable insights into accounting. Launched in 2021, it offers educational resources, including YouTube videos covering various accounting topics. Led by Michelle Bosman, our Training and Team Development Supervisor, the academy aims to demystify accounting for non-experts and those starting their careers in the field. With 29 educational videos released in 2021 alone, Protea Academy has become a go-to resource for individuals seeking to enhance their understanding of accounting principles.

3. What inspired the creation of Protea Conversations?

The inception of Protea Conversations stemmed from a desire to engage with our team and address their interests. When asked what they wanted to learn more about, the overwhelming response was to hear from successful leaders and entrepreneurs about their journeys to success. Thus, Protea Conversations was born—a series of discussions featuring insights from business owners and experts. These conversations not only provided valuable lessons but also served as a platform for mutual learning and inspiration.

4. How did Protea’s commitment to diversity and inclusion manifest in 2021?

Protea is committed to fostering a diverse and inclusive work environment. In 2021, as a token of appreciation to our interviewees and to further our commitment, we made a donation to Vital Voices Global Partnership—a movement dedicated to empowering women leaders worldwide. This initiative reflects our belief in supporting initiatives that promote diversity and inclusivity. Moving forward into 2022, we aim to continue promoting diversity both within our organization and through our endeavors.

5. What role did the Protea team play in the company’s growth in 2021?

The Protea team played a pivotal role in the company’s growth throughout 2021. With an expanding client base and increasing demands for our services, we welcomed new team members who brought fresh perspectives and ideas. This growth not only enhanced our capabilities but also allowed us to better serve our clients with high-quality accounting expertise. Additionally, the familial atmosphere within Protea fostered individual growth, both personally and professionally, making it a rewarding journey for everyone involved.

6. How did Protea celebrate personal achievements within the team?

Protea celebrated various personal achievements within its team in 2021. Many team members successfully completed educational goals or obtained professional qualifications, marking significant milestones in their careers. These achievements were not only acknowledged but also celebrated, reinforcing our culture of continuous learning and growth. Whether it was completing a certification or furthering their education, each accomplishment was a testament to the dedication and commitment of our team members.

7. What can clients expect from Protea as we head into 2022?

As we embark on a new year, clients can expect Protea to remain steadfast in its commitment to delivering high-quality accounting services. Our focus will continue to be on empowering businesses with accurate financial insights, enabling them to make informed decisions. Regardless of external circumstances, Protea is dedicated to providing reliable support to our clients, helping them navigate challenges and seize opportunities in the ever-evolving business landscape.

8. How does Protea plan to continue inspiring others in 2022?

Protea’s commitment to inspiring others remains unwavering as we move into 2022. Through initiatives like Protea Academy and Protea Conversations, we aim to continue sharing valuable insights and fostering a culture of learning and growth. By engaging with leaders and entrepreneurs and amplifying diverse voices, we hope to inspire individuals to pursue their goals and aspirations. Our dedication to making a positive impact extends beyond our services, encompassing a broader mission of empowerment and enlightenment.

9. What are some of the future goals for Protea?

Looking ahead, Protea has several goals for the future. We aspire to further expand Protea Academy, enriching its educational offerings and reaching a wider audience. Additionally, we aim to deepen our commitment to diversity and inclusion, both within our organization and through our partnerships and initiatives. Furthermore, we seek to continue growing our team and enhancing our capabilities, ensuring that we remain at the forefront of providing innovative accounting solutions to our clients.

10. How can individuals become a part of the Protea community?

Becoming a part of the Protea community is simple! Whether you’re seeking accounting services or looking to enhance your accounting knowledge, there are various ways to engage with us. You can explore Protea Academy for educational resources, follow us on social media for updates and insights, or reach out directly to inquire about our services. Whatever your needs may be, Protea welcomes you to join our community and embark on a journey of learning, growth, and success.