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Sales Tax Compliance

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‘Nexus Complexus’ Your Sales Tax Compliance

Sales tax filing is predicated, typically, on volume of sales. Then, depending on which state you are doing business, sales tax will need to be filed monthly, quarterly or annually. All channels will need to be aggregated, compiled and then filed.

For example, wineries, can be quite challenging. as your wine tasting room is the equivalent to a retail environment and then ecommerce is filed state by state. Each state offering a varying degree of taxation. The challenge becomes greater when the sales matrix expands. 

Our team understands the massive burden sales tax filling represents to your organization and is fully prepared to bridge that gap for you. Protea will keep your organization compliant by breaking out your sales by state to enable your CPA to file for you in a timely fashion. 


Sales Tax Nexus - Explained

Nexus is Latin for ‘to bind’ – your nexus defines a state’s jurisdiction to tax you. Elements that bind you to a state are a retail location or pop-up shop, office personnel or a warehouse. There are also more complexitites surrounding ecommerce where you ship to customers in your nexus state and those out of the nexus jurisdiction. 

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