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Accounting Expertise without The Overhead


Protea Provides Flexible, Bookkeeping Solutions

With a management team and account managers based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Protea provides business owners and managers with financial information and insight for making decisions. Protea’s goal is to provide, at costs below the market average, timely, accurate, and high-quality financial information on which a business can act.

Protea specializes in removing burdens and responsibilities of finding, managing, and training an accountant or bookkeeper.

Protea can provide any combination of standard bookkeeping and accounting, either as a fully-outsourced service managed by Protea or by adding a dedicated full-time or part-time accounting professional to your team at a significantly lower cost than what you would pay to hire an accountant or bookkeeper.

Our Capabilities

We can’t move mountains, but, we’ll move the needle for your organization. Our team is dedicated to providing you the opportunity to focus on what you do best. Our team specializes in services ranging from bookkeeping and
general ledger management to detailed management accounts and inventory tracking.

General Ledger

The central repository for all assets and liabilities. Accounts payable, accounts receivable, cash management, fixed assets, purchasing, and projects.

Financial Reporting

Financial reporting to share with stakeholders in your business – both internal and external. Primary focus on income statement, balance sheet, and statement of cash flows

Tax Schedules

Our team will support your CPA by determining your income earned and taxes that will need to be paid on a quarterly or annual basis. 

Inventory Tracking

Reconciliation of purchase orders, emails from suppliers and invoices against your inventory reporting to find the opportunity to reduce overhead and optimize purchasing.

Cash Flow Projections

A critical and timely piece of financial reporting. We will develop the report documenting cash flowing in and out of your business. 


Time-saving and often tedious for your controller. Your bookkeeper will process your payroll, enter the payments into your system and submit the taxes.

Budget To Actual

The report that displays where you are in your fiscal year versus what was projected in the budget. 

Mgmt. Accounts

Management accounts include your income statement, cash flow analysis, accounts receivable, accounts payable, overhead costs, sales forecasts, and value of inventory on hand. 

Your Outsourced Advantage

Our value can be felt instantaneously. Your books are organized, bills are paid on time and you always understand your cash flow. Actionable insights are being provided to you weekly. A clear financial strategy and execution plan by a trained financial professional. It’s a simple formula for success, driven by our audit trained accounting team based in the US and South Africa. The benefit to you – we work 24 hours a day; progress is always being made.

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Why Protea:

Protea’s goal is to provide, at costs below the market average, timely, accurate, and high-quality financial information on which a business can act.

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