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Outsourced Accounting with Protea Financial

For owners and leaders of wineries, there’s never enough time in the day. Or week, month, quarter, or even a whole year. The ongoing, constant demands of everyday business alone would be more than enough to fill your schedule. And yet you are also obligated to think ahead, to look forward, to plan for and accomplish unending growth in your business. Finding the time, space, and energy to do that can feel like a pipedream as you stare at a full inbox, unsigned payroll reports, and a bank account that hasn’t been reconciled in months. But without time to build your business, your business will inevitably stagnate and suffer. Removing the roadblocks to growth must be your top priority.

Outsourcing accounting services from Protea Financial simplify the job of running your business by making bookkeeping easier.

Gain Accuracy and Vision-with Outsourced Accounting Protea Financial

Gain accuracy and vision

With accurate, timely, useful information at your disposal at all times, you are more equipped than ever to grow a successful business. Protea Financial empowers you to think about the big picture more clearly by ensuring all the details are accurate.

Optimize Operations with Outsourced Accounting Protea Financial

Optimize your operations

Not only does our outsourced accounting eliminate the need for costly in-house hiring, Protea Financial also analyzes your existing workflow, business data, and management accounts to cut down on friction and remove choke points.

Rely on Dedicated Experts with Outsourced Accounting Protea Financial

Rely on dedicated experts

Whatever your question, whatever your bookkeeping or accounting need, your dedicated team at Protea Financial is here to provide solutions. Gain access to a company’s worth resources at a fraction of what you’d pay to hire internally.

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I can’t imagine operating my business without Protea Financial.

Protea Financial is responsive, affordable, and absolutely lovely to work with. I always receive my customized monthly reports in a timely manner which gives me the real-time financial information I need to navigate these challenging times with confidence. I can’t say enough good things about their knowledge, capabilities, responsiveness, and professionalism, and I can’t imagine operating my business without Protea Financial in my corner.

Destiny Burns, Owner, CLE Urban Winery

Destiny Burns,
Owner, CLE Urban Winery

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Keep Your Company Agile with Outsourced Accounting Protea Financial

Keep your company agile and improve your ability to plan and grow by outsourcing your accounting with Protea Financial.