Accounting that Helps Your Business Grow

With accurate bookkeeping, timely reporting, and proactive inventory management, your winery can make more informed decisions and avoid unforeseen costs.


More efficiency


More transparency


More control

Like the taste of any fine vintage, your winery’s business is complex and detailed

But if you lack understanding of your financial picture, you’re flying blind.

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Do you know the true costs of running your winery?

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Are business decisions based on great financial data?

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Has the size and scale of your operation made it unwieldy?

Protea Financial simplifies your accounting so you can focus on crafting amazing wine and building a robust business

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Our outsourced accounting services are tailored to the unique needs of wineries. Your profession is challenging, and every detail matters to your bottom line. We help bring the numbers into clear view so you can run a more profitable business.

  • Free yourself from stress and hassle
  • Operate more efficiently and avoid surprises
  • Plan effectively and grow sustainability

Make your winery stronger with our complete suite of outsourced accounting and bookkeeping services

Bookkeeping services


Everything from bank reconciliation to cash flow projections to AR/AP

inventory management


Optimize purchasing and inventory systems with our proactive planning

management accounts


Fortify operations with reporting on sales, costs, KPIs, and key forecasting

payroll services


We take care of payroll reports, time cards, onboarding, and more

compliance services


Stay on top of your sales tax reporting at all times to avoid costly penalties

The peace of mind Protea provides to us is huge!

When we first contacted Protea to speak with Zane, we immediately felt comfortable and started work with him and the Protea team right away.

We continue to work with them because of their experience in the wine industry and their responsive and thoughtful approach to our needs. They listen, are on time, and provide the valuable data we need to grow.

The Protea team has a strong pulse on the industry and they give us a helpful push when needed. The peace of mind Protea provides to us is huge – it’s the overarching theme of what they do. It allows us to sleep at night and run a thriving winery.

Kate and Hardy

Kate Graham and Hardy Wallace,
Owners / Winemakers at Extradimensional Wine CO. Yeah!

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We Empower Wineries.

For small – to mid – size wineries, accounting and bookkeeping can be enormous burdens. Dozens of employees, hundreds of expense accounts, thousands of bottles of inventory… To account for it all yourself would be impossible, and hiring a whole team would be impractical.

Protea Financial takes those burdens off your shoulders for a fraction of what you might expect to pay.

Our outsourced accounting services offer you the expertise and capacity of a full team without the need to hire a single person. With bookkeeping tasks off your plate – and without breaking the bank on new staff – you can take your winery to new heights.

Team Protea Financial Experts

Outsource your accounting and bookkeeping is the key to a flourishing business.



With our outsourced accounting team, you have all the experts you need. No need to wade through applications and interviews or add to your payroll.



You’ll always have access to your books and vital information. You can also expect prompt communication from your dedicated team.



Protea Financial is an entire company of accounting professionals. Never fear lacking the answers to crucial financial questions ever again.



The solution you get from Protea Financial is customized to your winery. Get exactly what you want and need, nothing more.

A simple path to simplified bookkeeping



Click below to schedule your first consultation. It’s completely free, and designed to discover your needs.



Based on your winery’s unique requirements, we will customize an accounting solution specifically for you.



With bookkeeping and accounting taken care of, you are free to do what you love most: make fantastic wine.

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Keeping you up-to-date on winery accounting

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I can’t imagine operating my business without Protea Financial.

Protea Financial is responsive, affordable, and absolutely lovely to work with. I always receive my customized monthly reports in a timely manner which gives me the real-time financial information I need to navigate these challenging times with confidence. I can’t say enough good things about their knowledge, capabilities, responsiveness, and professionalism, and I can’t imagine operating my business without Protea Financial in my corner.

Destiny burns, Owner of CLE Urban Winery

Destiny Burns,
Owner, CLE Urban Winery

CLE Urban Winery
Woman picking grapes on the vineyard

Give your winery all the tools it needs to grow successfully with accurate, timely accounting from Protea Financial