Protea Weekly - Ep 8

Protea Weekly Podcast – Episode 8 – Consistency

In this episode, Zane Stevens emphasizes the importance of consistency in various aspects of life and business.

He starts by discussing the busy month of January and the need for effective communication. Zane then explains how consistency builds trust and strengthens relationships. He highlights the role of consistency in achieving goals and developing self-discipline. Zane also emphasizes the benefits of consistency in learning, daily routines, and building momentum. He concludes by encouraging listeners to prioritize consistency and enjoy the positive impact it can have on their lives.



– Consistency is key in effective communication and building trust.

– Consistency helps in achieving goals and developing self-discipline.

– Consistency in learning and daily routines leads to improved performance.

– Consistency builds momentum and brings joy to life.

– Prioritizing consistency can improve mental health and decision-making processes.




00:00 Introduction and Busy Month of January

01:31 The Importance of Communication

02:26 Consistency as a Key Factor

03:54 Consistency Builds Trust

06:03 Consistency in Personal and Business Relationships

07:32 Consistency in Achieving Goals

09:38 Consistency in Learning and Self-Improvement

12:19 Consistency in Daily Routines

13:26 Consistency Builds Momentum

13:55 Consistency Develops Self-Discipline

15:00 Resetting Goals and Focusing on Consistency

16:42 Consistency as a Superpower

17:15 Conclusion