Protea Weekly - Ep 7

Protea Weekly Podcast – Episode 7 – LOCs and Other Options – Featuring Rob Walker – SVB

We have a guest!

Apologies about the technical difficulties at the beginning of the video but it was a great discussion!

In this episode of Protea Weekly, Zane Stevens interviews Rob Walker from Silicon Valley Bank about lines of credit for wineries. The conversation starts with technical difficulties but eventually gets on track. They discuss the definition and purpose of a line of credit, the importance of revolving the credit, and how banks view businesses that max out or underutilize their lines of credit. They also explore the requirements for applying for a line of credit, including strong financials and sales forecasts. Additionally, they touch on alternative financing options and the challenges faced by small wineries.



– A line of credit is a tool that helps bridge short-term cash needs of a business, allowing them to borrow money as needed and repay it when funds come in.

– Revolving the line of credit and showing a pattern of borrowing and repaying is important for banks to see the health of the business.

– To apply for a line of credit, businesses need to have strong financials, including company and personal tax returns, financial statements, and production and sales history.

– If a line of credit is not feasible, alternative options include equity financing, SBA loans, and private funding, but these may have their own challenges.




00:00 Introduction and Technical Difficulties

02:03 Introduction of Guest and Discussion on Line of Credit

05:57 What is a Line of Credit?

07:44 Importance of Revolving the Line of Credit

08:39 Maximizing and Underutilizing a Line of Credit

15:48 Requirements for Applying for a Line of Credit

20:24 Alternatives to Line of Credit

23:24 Challenges for Small Wineries

23:56 Conclusion and Closing Remarks