Protea Weekly - Ep 6

Protea Weekly Podcast – Episode 6 – What is a Line of Credit?

In this episode, Zane Stevens discusses the challenges faced by business owners, particularly in the wine industry, and the impact of changing consumer behavior. He emphasizes the importance of managing cash flow and explores various debt and cash flow options available to businesses. The focus then shifts to lines of credit, explaining their benefits and considerations. He highlights the need for a revolving line of credit and provides insights on how to use it wisely. He also emphasizes the importance of business viability and collaboration. The episode concludes with upcoming events and networking opportunities.



– Business owners, especially in the wine industry, face challenges due to changing consumer behavior and seasonal fluctuations.

– Managing cash flow is crucial for businesses, and there are various debt and cash flow options available.

– Lines of credit offer flexibility and affordability, allowing businesses to access credit when needed.

– A revolving line of credit is ideal, and it should be used to manage cash flow rather than subsidize it.

– Having a line of credit in place is important for businesses, even if they don’t currently need it.

– Collaboration and networking with industry professionals are essential for business success.




00:00 Introduction and Background

01:13 Challenges Faced by Business Owners

02:08 Impact of Changing Consumer Behavior

03:09 Cash Flow Challenges for Wineries

04:08 Exploring Debt and Cash Flow Options

08:01 Understanding Lines of Credit

09:54 Benefits of Lines of Credit

11:09 Considerations for Lines of Credit

12:33 Revolving Line of Credit

13:31 Managing Cash Flow with a Line of Credit

14:59 Importance of Having a Line of Credit

16:26 Using a Line of Credit Wisely

17:17 Considerations for Business Viability

17:54 Line of Credit as a Cash Flow Management Tool

19:18 Exploring Other Financing Options

19:49 Upcoming Events and Networking Opportunities

21:18 Importance of Collaboration

21:48 Conclusion