Protea Weekly - Episode 14 - A Little Self-Indulgent

Protea Weekly Podcast – Episode 14 – A Little Self-Indulgent

In this episode, Zane Stevens celebrates 10 years of Protea Financial and reflects on the journey of building the business. He expresses gratitude to the listeners and supporters of the podcast.

Zane shares the story of how he and his wife moved to the United States and how Protea Financial was born. He highlights the growth and impact of the business and the importance of his team.

Zane acknowledges the support of various professionals and announces an upcoming trip to South Africa for team celebrations.

He also discusses the launch of Protea Conversations, a new podcast featuring leadership stories.

Zane concludes with excitement for the future and thanks his team once again.


– Protea Financial is celebrating 10 years of business, providing accounting services to help business leaders be more successful.
– Zane Stevens and his wife made a life-changing decision to move to the United States, which led to the creation of Protea Financial.
– The business has experienced significant growth, with over 180 clients and 40 team members across two continents.
– Zane expresses gratitude to his team, clients, and supporters for their trust and collaboration.



00:00 Introduction and Gratitude

01:00 Celebrating 10 Years of Business

04:09 Starting Protea Financial

05:02 Growth and Impact

06:02 Appreciation for the Team

07:07 Acknowledging Supporters

09:31 Upcoming Trip and Celebrations

10:43 Launch of Protea Conversations

14:29 Looking Forward to the Future

15:29 Thanking the Team

15:59 Conclusion and Farewell