Protea Weekly 13

Protea Weekly Podcast – Episode 13 – Costing Technology

In this episode of Protea Weekly, Zane Stevens interviews Ashley Leonard, the founder of InnoVint, a winery operating system.

They discuss the importance of inventory costing in the wine industry and how InnoVint helps wineries manage their costs more effectively. Ashley shares the background and development of InnoVint, highlighting the need for compliance and traceability in the highly regulated wine industry. They also discuss the challenges of winery cost accounting and the misconceptions that winemakers often have. Ashley emphasizes the importance of education and listening to the needs of the industry. They also address the benefits of InnoVint for accountants and how it can simplify the inventory costing process. The episode concludes with information on how to learn more about InnoVint.



– Inventory costing is crucial for wineries to understand their costs and make informed business decisions.

– InnoVint is a winery operating system that helps wineries manage their costs more effectively.

– The development of InnoVint was driven by the founder’s background in winemaking and the need for modern technology in the industry.

– There is a lack of education and understanding about winery cost accounting, and winemakers need to ask the right questions and seek guidance from experts.

– InnoVint provides benefits for accountants by simplifying the inventory costing process and providing accurate and detailed information.



00:00 Introduction and Overview of InnoVent

01:18 The Importance of Inventory Costing

07:14 The Challenges of Winery Cost Accounting

09:43 Misconceptions and Education in the Wine Industry

11:17 Listening to the Needs of the Industry

13:41 The Benefits of InnoVint for Accountants

15:05 Dealing with Pushback from Tax Providers

16:26 How to Learn More about InnoVint

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