Protea Weekly Podcast – Episode 11 – What does it cost!


In this episode, Zane Stevens discusses the importance of understanding the cost of products in the wine industry.

He highlights the complexity of determining product costs, especially in manufacturing. Zane emphasizes the need for accrual basis accounting to accurately track inventory costs. He explains how accounting can be a service that provides information for better decision-making. Zane breaks down the components of product costs, including labor and overheads. He emphasizes the importance of setting the correct price based on accurate cost calculations. Stevens concludes by emphasizing the significance of knowing product costs for making informed business decisions.


  • Understanding the cost of products is crucial for businesses in the wine industry.
  • Accrual basis accounting is essential for accurately tracking inventory costs.
  • Labor and overhead costs are often overlooked but should be included in product cost calculations.
  • Setting the correct price requires knowing the true cost of the product.



00:00 Introduction and Personal Experience

00:59 Understanding Product Costs

03:04 The Complexity of Manufacturing

05:07 The Importance of Accrual Basis Accounting

06:41 Accounting as a Service

07:07 Components of Product Costs

08:23 The Forgotten Costs: Labor and Overheads

09:42 Allocating Overhead Costs

10:39 Setting the Correct Price

11:59 The Impact of Cost on Pricing

13:00 Benefits of Knowing Product Costs

14:56 The Complexity of Inventory Costing

15:41 Conclusion and Call to Action