Protea Weekly - Ep 1 - Welcome

Protea Weekly Podcast – Episode 1 – Welcome

In the first episode of Protea Weekly, Zane Stevens introduces the show and its purpose, which is to share insights and information about accounting and the wine industry. He emphasizes the importance of service delivery in the accounting space and the need for accountants to go beyond transactional work and build deep relationships with clients. Zane highlights the role of accountants in providing peace of mind to clients and being a reliable and supportive resource. He encourages accountants and small business owners to view their accounting relationship as a partnership and emphasizes the importance of problem-solving and helping clients succeed.


– Accountants should prioritize service delivery and build deep relationships with clients.

– Providing peace of mind to clients is a crucial aspect of accounting.

– Accountants play a supportive role in clients’ businesses and should be reliable and responsive.

– Accounting relationships should be viewed as partnerships, with a focus on problem-solving and client success.




00:00 Introduction and Purpose of the Show

02:31 The Importance of Service Delivery in Accounting

06:03 Providing Peace of Mind to Clients

08:36 The Role of Accountants in Supporting Clients

10:23 Accountants as Problem Solvers and Partners

12:30 The Importance of Accountants in Client Success

13:18 Conclusion and Gratitude

“Your purpose is not the thing you do. It’s the thing that happens in others when you do what you do.”

Jade Simmons **I butchered the name and the quote in the video – SORRY!**