Protea Weekly - Episode 28 - Should I Conference - Part 2 - Accounting conferences

Protea Weekly – Episode 28 – Should I Conference? – Part 2 – Accounting conferences

In this episode, Zane Stevens discusses the importance of attending conferences, both in your niche and in the accounting industry.

He highlights the benefits of networking, staying up to date with industry trends, professional development, knowledge sharing, exposure to new technology, career advancement, inspiration and motivation, and gaining a competitive advantage. Zane also shares his thoughts on his own future steps, including speaking at conferences and sharing his expertise in niching, starting a business from scratch, and managing a team.


– Attending conferences provides valuable networking opportunities and the chance to collaborate with like-minded professionals.

– Conferences help you stay up to date with industry trends and changes, allowing you to adapt and improve your practice.

– They offer opportunities for professional development and learning from experts in the field.

– Conferences provide exposure to new technologies that can enhance your business and client services.

– They can contribute to career advancement by showcasing your expertise and building your influence.

– Conferences inspire and motivate attendees, fostering a sense of energy and enthusiasm.

– Attending conferences demonstrates a commitment to continuous learning and improvement, giving you a competitive advantage.

– Zane Stevens is considering speaking at conferences in the future, sharing his knowledge on niching, starting a business, and managing a team.

Sound Bites

“If you’re not attending some sort of conference online, in person, you know, it doesn’t even have to be an accounting one, but you’re just showing people that you don’t care about learning and you’re just going to sit in your desk and work and hit that stereotype. You are going to end up sliding down the hill.”

“What next is, I have this weekly podcast where I come in with you and you guys talk about accounting issues, things out in the accounting space. Another part of that is my other podcast, Pretty Conversations, where I take an hour of somebody’s time, great leaders in industry, small business, and a lot in the accounting space as well, find out who they are, their stories, and listen out for as much leadership and career advice as possible and share it with the world.”


00:00 Introduction and Purpose of Attending Conferences

02:23 Importance of Researching and Setting Goals for Conferences

04:05 Benefits of Networking and Collaboration

06:09 Staying Up to Date with Industry Trends and Changes

06:37 Professional Development and Continuing Education

07:35 Knowledge Sharing through Panels and Presentations

08:31 Exposure to New Technology and Tools

09:39 Career Advancement and Building Influence

11:04 Inspiration and Motivation at Conferences

12:55 Gaining a Competitive Advantage through Conferences

16:16 Future Steps: Speaking at Conferences and Sharing Expertise