Protea Weekly - Episode 26 - Adaptation and Open-Mindedness in a Changing World

Protea Weekly – Episode 25 – Adaptation and Open-Mindedness in a Changing World

In this episode, Zane Stevens discusses the importance of continuous learning and improvement, emphasizing the need for open-mindedness and willingness to change.

He shares insights from the performance appraisal process at Protea and highlights the significance of personal development and adaptation in a changing world.


– Continuous learning and improvement are essential for personal and professional growth.

– Performance appraisal processes should be positive and focused on helping individuals grow and develop.

– Adaptation and open-mindedness are crucial in a changing world and diverse work environments.

Key Sound Bites

“Just so much learning to be had.”

“I truly believe that people need candor in their feedback to be able to obtain the right information to be able to develop, grow, and learn.”

“For us to get better, we actually need to have the desire to improve.”


00:00 Protea Conversations and Learning Opportunities

02:00 Positive Performance Appraisal Process

07:09 Desire for Improvement and Open-Mindedness

09:46 Adaptation in a Changing World

13:00 Buy-In for Improvement and Personal Development