Protea Weekly - Episode 22 - Problems with service deliverys

Protea Weekly – Episode 22 – Problems with service delivery

This week, the conversation focuses on service delivery in the accounting industry, AGAIN!

Zane shares his thoughts and insights based on a post he made on LinkedIn about clients’ poor service delivery. The main areas of focus that contribute to poor service delivery are taking on too much work, not staying up to date with changes, poorly defined service offerings, and poor communication. The host emphasizes the importance of addressing these issues to improve service delivery and suggests ways to overcome them.


– The accounting industry faces challenges in service delivery, including taking on too much work and not staying up to date with changes.

– Poorly defined service offerings and poor communication also contribute to the problem.

– Addressing these issues can lead to improved service delivery and client satisfaction.

– Accountants should prioritize communication skills and stay abreast of technology and legal changes.

– Defining clear service offerings and managing client expectations are crucial for successful service delivery.


00:00 Introduction and Background

01:58 Four Areas of Focus for Improving Service Delivery

12:02 Taking on Too Much Work

13:44 Staying Up to Date with Changes

20:36 Conclusion and Call to Action