Protea Weekly Episode 21

Protea Weekly – Episode 21 – Let’s talk communication

In this episode, Zane Stevens discusses the importance of communication in the service delivery and wine industry.

He explores how to improve communication both internally within teams and externally with clients.

Zane highlights the need for effective communication to ensure that everyone is on the same page and understands each other. He also mentions the challenges of miscommunication and the different outcomes that can result from a conversation.

Overall, the episode emphasizes the significance of clear and efficient communication in achieving success. Improving communication is key to better service delivery.

By improving the quality of communication, we can improve service delivery.


– Effective communication is crucial in the service delivery and wine industry.
– Improving communication internally within teams and externally with clients is essential.
– Miscommunication can lead to different outcomes and hinder success.
– Clear and efficient communication is key to ensuring that everyone is on the same page. – –
– Improving communication is essential for better service delivery
– Setting expectations and following rules can enhance communication
– Consistently thinking about key points can improve the quality of communication
– Improving communication can lead to improved service delivery
– Effective communication requires clarity and preparation.
– Knowing your subject is crucial for clear communication.
– Understanding your audience helps tailor your message to their needs.
– Being prepared and knowledgeable instills confidence in your communication.
– Avoid using jargon and technical terms when communicating with clients
– Tailor your communication to the client’s level of understanding
– Explain concepts in terms that the client can easily grasp
– Clients rely on accountants to help them with their accounting needs
– Start with the basics and build on it
– Listen twice as much as you talk
– Tailor your communication to your audience
– Don’t assume you know all the answers
– Ask questions to clarify
– Avoid preconceived answers
– Don’t multitask while listening
– Respond effectively to client questions
– Don’t jump to conclusions
– Understand what the client is really asking
– Care about your clients’ concerns
– Deliver quality service Truly listen and understand what the other person is saying
– Show empathy and put yourself in their shoes
– Build trust by being attentive and responsive
– Empathy improves service delivery and consulting
– Clear and concise communication is essential for effective communication.
– Using bullet points in emails can make the message easier to read and understand.
– Avoid using unnecessary words and be specific in verbal communication.
– Provide additional reading materials for those who want more information.
– Consistency, clarity, and conciseness are important in communication
– Set clear rules and standards for communication
– Be consistent in communication methods and response times
– There is always room for improvement in communication skills
– Communication is essential for improving service delivery
– Continuous improvement in communication leads to better client satisfaction
– Knowing your subjects and audience is crucial for effective communication
– Listening, empathy, and clear and concise communication are key skills to develop
– Improving communication should be a daily goal


00:00 Introduction

02:01 The Importance of Communication in Service Delivery and the Wine Industry

04:30 Consistently Thinking About Key Points for Better Communication

07:37 Understanding Your Audience

09:53 Helping Clients Understand

12:10 They think you’re not listening

14:12 The Role of Empathy in Communication

16:14 The Importance of Clear and Concise Communication

19:01 The Importance of Consistency in Communication

19:30 Setting Clear Rules and Standards for Communication

20:05 Being Consistent in Communication Methods and Response Times

21:06 Continuous Improvement in Communication Skills


As an accountant, communication is key.

⭐ Be clear

⭐ Be concise

⭐ Be consistent

⭐ Know your subject

⭐ Know your audience

⭐ Really listen

⭐ Show empathy

⭐ Keep improving