Protea Weekly - Episode 17 - Is Ego getting in our way

Protea Weekly – Episode 17 – Is Ego getting in our way?

In this episode, Zane Stevens discusses the importance of continuously improving and the role of ego in hindering progress.

He emphasizes the need for diversity of ideas in the accounting industry and encourages accountants to be open-minded and receptive to different opinions. Zane also highlights the importance of embracing different methodologies and approaches to running a business. The key takeaway is to have a growth mindset and be willing to learn and adapt in order to stay successful in a changing world.


– Continuous improvement is essential for success in any field.
– Being open-minded and receptive to different ideas is crucial for growth.
– Embracing diversity of ideas can lead to innovation and attract new talent.
– Having a growth mindset involves being willing to learn and adapt.
– Ego can hinder progress and prevent us from considering alternative approaches.

Sound Bites

“I feel like the ego of many accountants is getting in the way of progress.”
“Diversity is going to be a key ingredient into success.”
“Growth is all about putting your ego behind you and learning.”


00:00 Introduction and Setting the Stage

00:59 The Importance of Continuous Improvement

07:27 The Role of Ego in Hindering Progress

08:51 The Power of a Growth Mindset

13:03 Adapting to a Changing World

15:38 Conclusion and Final Thoughts