Protea Weekly Episode 16 - Lessons for Success!

Protea Weekly – Episode 16 – Lessons for Success!

In this episode, Zane Stevens reflects on the 10-year journey of Protea Financial and shares seven key lessons he has learned along the way.

These lessons include the power of finding a niche, prioritizing quality over quantity, embracing kindness, the importance of effective communication, building a strong team, networking, and continuously improving.


– Finding a niche can simplify processes, improve quality, and build trust with your target market.
– Prioritizing quality over quantity can lead to higher client satisfaction and loyalty.
– Kindness is a valuable attribute that can make a difference in business relationships and overall success.
– Effective communication is critical for smooth operations and building trust.
– Building a strong team is essential for success and growth.
– Networking and developing a professional network can provide support and opportunities.
– Embracing continuous improvement allows for flexibility and adaptation in a changing market.


00:00 Lesson 1: The Power of a Niche
05:48 Lesson 2: Quality over Quantity
07:51 Lesson 3: Kindness
10:08 Lesson 4: Communication is Key
11:11 Lesson 5: Teamwork
13:21 Lesson 6: Networking
15:09 Lesson 7: Embrace Continuous Improvement