Zane Stevens is the Director of Protea Financial

A Thankful Message from Protea Financial Director Zane Stevens

November is a month to reflect and be grateful for all the good we have in our lives. While we may be thankful for things throughout the year, we don’t always vocalize those thanks. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, though, and I want to put my personal thanks into words. I want to let everyone know how thankful I am for each and every one of you.

Thankful for Our Clients

First, I want to express my gratitude towards all of our clients. When we started Protea, we started with one client. Just one. They were a very small business, too. At that point we had no idea if Protea would even grow much more than that or even have a future.

But grow it did, and now we are consistently motivated and amazed by our diverse and interesting clients. We are focused on the wine industry, and we are very proud of the number of people we can help on a daily basis.

Thank you to each client, past and present, that has put their faith in us. As a company, we are very happy you chose us. We will continue to try and repay your faith by working hard, remaining focused, and growing and improving. We will continue to strive to reach our mission of better accounting for everyone. To each of our clients, thank you for trusting us! We are truly blessed with such amazing clients!

Thankful for Our Team

Next, I’m personally grateful for everyone on the Protea team. Every single one of you is amazing. Whether you’re new to Protea, have been here for years, or have found an opportunity elsewhere, you have contributed to our success. I appreciate all the hard work you put in, even during the times it gets tough. I am thankful and grateful for all the commitment and sacrifices everyone on the Protea team has made. We have a great future ahead, and I look forward to seeing the growth and success of each one of you. Thank you! I am truly blessed to have such a wonderful team. 

Thankful for Our Network

I’m grateful for our supporters and connections. When I first started Protea in 2014, I was new to the country and to the wine industry. Through hard work and a bit of luck, I’ve connected with so many wonderful people. I’ve had the opportunity to create lasting business relationships and, at the same time, cultivated some really good friendships.

I’m thankful to each banker, CPA, and consultant that has trusted Protea with a referral. It’s crazy at times to think you put your trust in us when we were a brand-new business. Thank you! I am blessed to know so many wonderful people and to have had your help in growing this company.

Of course, no post on gratitude would be complete without mentioning my family. I have parents that have always supported me no matter what I decided to do. Knowing that they believed in me gave me the confidence to follow my dreams. I have two wonderful kids who love me and mean the world to me. They keep me motivated and are the reason I strive to be better every single day.

I have the most amazing wife anyone could ever ask for. I do not deserve her. I appreciate her so much and am so thankful for her support, her caring personality, and her love. I am thankful she is my best friend and supports me daily. My family gives me the strength to keep striving to be the best!

I am truly lucky. I am grateful for my team, my supporters, and our clients. Each and every one of you is amazing, and I am fortunate to have your trust and your friendship. You motivate and encourage me daily. Today, and every day, I am so thankful for everything I have been blessed with! Thank you!


Frequently Asked Questions about Gratitude and Thanksgiving

1. Why is expressing gratitude important?

Expressing gratitude is vital as it strengthens relationships, fosters positivity, and improves overall well-being. By acknowledging and appreciating the people and things we are thankful for, we cultivate a mindset of abundance and contentment.

2. How does gratitude impact business success?

Gratitude plays a significant role in business success by enhancing client relationships, boosting employee morale, and fostering a positive company culture. When clients and team members feel valued and appreciated, they are more likely to remain loyal and motivated, leading to increased productivity and growth.

3. What are some ways to show appreciation to clients?

Showing appreciation to clients can be done through personalized thank-you notes, exclusive discounts or offers, hosting client appreciation events, or simply expressing gratitude verbally during interactions. These gestures not only strengthen client relationships but also demonstrate a commitment to their satisfaction and success.

4. How can businesses cultivate a culture of gratitude among employees?

Businesses can cultivate a culture of gratitude among employees by recognizing and celebrating individual and team achievements, providing regular feedback and praise, offering opportunities for professional development and growth, and fostering a supportive work environment where appreciation is openly expressed and encouraged.

5. Why is it important for businesses to express gratitude to their network and supporters?

Expressing gratitude to their network and supporters helps businesses acknowledge the role of external stakeholders in their success, strengthens professional relationships, and fosters goodwill. By showing appreciation to bankers, CPAs, consultants, and other supporters, businesses not only nurture existing connections but also attract new opportunities and referrals.

6. What role does gratitude play in personal relationships?

Gratitude is essential in personal relationships as it deepens bonds, fosters trust, and enhances overall happiness and satisfaction. By expressing gratitude to family members, friends, and loved ones, individuals strengthen their connections and create a supportive network that enriches their lives.

7. How can individuals practice gratitude in their daily lives?

Individuals can practice gratitude in their daily lives by keeping a gratitude journal, expressing appreciation verbally or through written notes, performing acts of kindness, reflecting on positive experiences, and focusing on the present moment rather than dwelling on negativity or worries.

8. What are the benefits of incorporating gratitude into daily routines?

Incorporating gratitude into daily routines has numerous benefits, including improved mental and emotional well-being, reduced stress levels, increased resilience, enhanced self-esteem, and better relationships. By cultivating a habit of gratitude, individuals can experience greater overall happiness and fulfillment in their lives.

9. How does expressing gratitude contribute to personal growth and development?

Expressing gratitude contributes to personal growth and development by fostering a positive mindset, promoting resilience in the face of challenges, and enhancing self-awareness and empathy. By acknowledging and appreciating both successes and setbacks, individuals can learn and grow from their experiences, leading to greater self-improvement and fulfillment.

10. What impact does gratitude have on society as a whole?

Gratitude has a profound impact on society as a whole by promoting kindness, compassion, and cooperation among individuals and communities. When gratitude is embraced and practiced collectively, it strengthens social bonds, fosters a sense of belonging and unity, and contributes to a more compassionate and harmonious society overall.