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Secure & Timely Payroll Solutions

The number one reason you want to outsource your payroll isn’t what you’d think. Yes, it’s time-saving – but, what you may not know, billions of dollars (a year) in penalties are assessed due to late payroll tax submissions.

Protea’s payroll solution is geared towards (SMB) small to mid-sized businesses that can’t afford a dedicated payroll department. Our team will help you manage the multitude of variables ranging from hourly employees to W-9 contractor compensation. Your Protea Financial bookkeeper will process your payroll, enter the payments into your system and submit the taxes. It’s a perfect solution for a business that would like to lower their overhead while gaining more accuracy.

The Real Benefits of Outsourcing Payroll

Just consider the time it takes to track hours, reconcile sick days and vacation time. Then tallying and submitting hours to your payroll solution. Accuracy of payment with a workforce with varying levels of compensation is a huge reason why so many choose to outsource their payroll to Protea Financial.

Payroll Reports | New Employee Onboarding | New Benefits Enrollment | Sick Time/Personal Time Off (PTO) Tracking | Time Card Reporting

Cost Reduction

The time you take doing payroll weekly or bi-weekly is the time you could be used growing your business. Our team is efficient and creates a system to manage your payroll, saving you time and money.

Payroll Oversight

Your Protea accountant will work with the bookkeepers to create a system of financial oversight. That extends to your payroll process. Your payroll will be approved by you after being processed by a bookkeeper and reviewed by an accountant.

File Payroll Taxes

Navigating rates, filing procedures, understanding the payroll tax process all comes with a steep learning curve. Protea will automatically file your payroll taxes for you. 

Advantage, Our Customers

Our value can be felt instantaneously. Your books are organized, bills are paid on time and you always understand your cash flow. Actionable insights are being provided to you weekly. A clear financial strategy and execution plan by a trained financial professional. It’s a simple formula for success, driven by our audit trained accounting team based in the US and South Africa. The benefit to you – we work 24 hours a day; progress is always being made. 

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Why Protea:

Protea’s goal is to provide, at costs below the market average, timely, accurate, and high-quality financial information on which a business can act.

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